During my first deployment to Camp Speicher, Iraq  just north of Saddam’s home town, Tikrit, 2004-2005, I kept two journals: one for work and the other personal.

I never expected follow-on deployments, I wanted to document my time.

Things change and my ‘only’ deployment turned into four: Iraq three times and Afghanistan once.

Each time I kept two journals.

 I wrote for relaxation and documenting my deployments.  Memories fade and change.

Family history to pass on to my children and grandchildren.  “Please bring me a beer.  Sit down.  This is what your grand dad did during the war..”.

My dad and all my uncles served in WWII.  None kept a journal, as they passed away, so did a portion of our family history.

I did not want to lose family history.

 The cathartic effect of writing helps me process my time overseas and my post-overseas time.

Coming home was not as hard as going over, but ‘home’ was not the same as before.  I felt like I changed.

I doubt I am alone with this feeling.

My blog is not about money, making money or having sponsors; this is my hobby and I am willing to share this space with other veteran writers.

Thank you for supporting me and reading my blog.