This is my Epic Veteran Writer Battle brackets with a short teaser.

Team USA[4]:

     1. Ernest Hemingway:  Served in the Italian military in the ambulance corps during WWI, so Ernie is sort of a veteran and the Italians were on the winning side, this time.  During WWII he arrived in France as the Allies fought the Germans, hanging out with the rear troops.  Doesn’t that count?

    2. David Hackworth: Korean War and Viet Nam War.  Truly a stud- earning several Purple Heart Medals and all the valor awards minus the MOH.

     3. Tim O’Brien:  Viet Nam War.  He did his duty serving in a very unpopular war, even after considering a trek to Canada.  No doubt Tim’s books are a must read; especially “The Things They Carried”.

     4.  Kurt Vonnegut: WWII.  POW turned author.  “Slaughterhouse Five” is all I need to say.

    Team Europe[4]:

     1. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry:  WWII French combat pilot, killed in action.  We have all read “The Little Prince” but combat pilot/author/airmail pioneer wrote of his experiences flying mail to Africa and South America.  Sadly, Antoine’s life was cut short during his last flight.

     2. Roald Dahl – Royal Air Force, World War II.  Serving as a RAF fighter pilot, Roald earned the status of ‘Ace’- minimum of five ‘kills’.  His writing includes non-fiction as well as his well know fiction: “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

     3. JRR Tolkein: Britain: WWI; Lancaster Fusiliers[Fancy name for Infantry].  JRR survived the battle of the Somme and went on to write “The Hobbit” as well as the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

    4.  George OrwellRepublican Faction, Spanish Civil War. The author of “1984” and “Animal Farm” was shot in throat by an sniper and survived- truly a literary bad-ass.

The Battle is simply 1 versus 4, 2 versus 3.    To make the Battle interesting, Team USA  and Team Europe battle cross brackets.

Team USA 1 versus Team Europe 4:  Ernest Hemingway versus George Orwell.

Team USA 2 versus Team Europe 3:  David Hackworth versus JRR Tolkein.

Team USA 3 versus Team Europe 2:  Tim O’Brien versus Roald Dahl.

Team USA 4 versus Team Europe 1:  Kurt Vonnegut versus Antoine de Saint Exupery.