22-day-thoughts For some, the burden might be too heavy.

22 a Day: What Does That Mean?

If you know some one who is feeling suicidal please call:   1-800-275-8255[VA Suicide Prevention Line].

We know what is means on the surface: 22 veterans a day commit suicide.

I know two veterans who committed suicide: Tom C.[USAF] and Father D.[USMC].

Both served in Viet Nam; Farther D. served as a Chaplin in Iraq.

Both took their lives in their late 50’s.

Both knew there are other alternatives and help is available, yet they chose suicide: one by hanging and the other returned to the sea.


While 22 is a bad number; what does 22 mean?

22 a day has been the number for several years and yet no change.  Why?

Why?  The most obvious question.

Who are they, besides the obvious: veterans?

What are the causes?

Is there a causal relationship between military service and suicide?

Are there other causal relationships?

What is the demographic make up?  Male versus female? Officer versus enlisted? White versus non-white?  Young versus old?

This information can help establish the most likely pool of veterans to take their lives.

Are some demographics more likely to commit suicide then others?  Why?

What are the suicide rates for people in similar professions?

What are the suicide rates for veterans in other countries?

Given the cultural stigma of suicide, maybe some veteran suicides are labeled ‘accidental’?

What are the cures?

22 a Day: What does that mean: beside too many?