This is a learning process and will take time.

I thought the Epic Veteran Writers battle was going to be a ‘slam dunk’ for three time veteran Ernest Hemingway: World War I veteran, ‘hang-around’ Spanish Civil War and World War II vet.  Award winner, big time money earner- $5,000 for magazine pieces during the 1930’s, when a workingman’s yearly salary was $1,000.

Hemingway lived a life most can only dream about: writing, hunting, traveling, drunken brawling and drunken bawling.  I even invented a term: ‘going hemingway’-  which I defined as: “writing while drinking a whiskey and only wearing your t-shirt and under-ware”.  Inebriated inspiration; no inhibitions.  He was also a complete mess…mental health issues, marital issues, money issues…more later.

But the ‘slam dunk’ might not happen as originally thought.

The battling authors are far more ‘studly’ then I first imagined.

While the US authors might be better known by most American readers- I grossly underestimated Team Europe’s authors’ impact on writing, culture and politics:  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry:  WWII French combat pilot, killed in action;   Roald Dahl – Royal Air Force, World War II;  JRR Tolkein: Britain: WWI; Lancaster Fusiliers [Fancy name for Infantry];  George OrwellRepublican Faction, Spanish Civil War.  I am not sure any member of Team America can match their influence.

More research will be necessary to fairly evaluate the competing authors.