What are the rules you live by?

These are my top four.

     *First- Never get caught.  Does this rule even need an explanation?  Does it?  OK- test time:  get caught and see what happens versus not getting caught.

Are we in agreement that ‘never getting caught’ is much better?  Not getting caught is a much better outcome.

     *Second- Everything is a test.  Somewhat more subtle than rule #1.  Boss asks to do complete an assignment by Friday- this is an unspoken test.  You pass by completing the assignment on Friday.  You fail if you complete the assignment on the following Monday.

This applies to family life as well.  “Dear can you bring out the trash?”  Yeah, that is a test. Do not think so, fail to bring out the trash or what ever the tasking was and live with the consequences.

     Third- always play the long game.  Too often I have seen people thinking of the now or short term versus the long term.  Whether job selection, dating, investments try to select the best long term solution.  XXXX vs XXXX XXXXX?  XXXX is much more cool, but is expensive to own and maintain plus depreciates in value.  The XXXX XXXXX not as cool but appreciates in value and can be rented.  You decide.

     Fourth- never let someone else’s problem become yours.  We have all seen this happen.  A coworker is struggling with an assignment or task and we play the nice person[hero?] who tries to help out.  Yeah!! Right?  No, now you end up owning the assignment or task because you have the ability and interest to complete it and the other person did not[for what ever reason].  Their problem just became yours.

     There were a few ‘Fifth’ rules, but I keep forgetting them before I write the rule down…grrrrr.

*- The first two rules are appropriated from the movie “The Recruit”.  Al Pacino’s character, an intelligence agency trainer, warns the class  “never get caught…everything is a test”.