Most of the world has lamb and their cousin goat, often on the menu.

For some Americans, lamb is mildly exotic, eaten infrequently usually as ‘rack of lamb’ or roasted leg of lamb.

Tonight’s dinner was lamb soup.

Lamb soup does not have to be exotically difficult to prepare.

If you have 20 minutes and a few basic ingredients, you can easily prepare lamb soup.

What do you need?

            – Lamb: preferably bony, fatty cut[marrow and fat add flavor] with a joint- the cartilage thickens the soups and again adds flavor.  For the budget minded, this is also a lesser expensive cut .

          – Vegetables:  the standard cut/diced onions[which I forgot!], carrots, celery.

           Add what ever you like, recipes are only the beginning not the end.

          – Extras:  I used barley[a favorite of my Roman Gladiator ancestors], rice and lentils.  You can add split peas or whatever else you enjoy.  If you use dry lentils, split peas or beans[many types to choose], allow extra time for cooking.

          Crunchy beans, not so good.

         – Spices:   I spent some time in the Middle East and go with a Middle Eastern flavor; curry[for me, not too much], cumin, red pepper, black pepper, garlic powder and of course salt.

          Add whatever spices you like, this is your meal, create it the way you want.

Make sure you have enough water in the pot- at least two inches over all the ingredients- the dry ingredients will expand.  Add water as necessary and stir every so often- no need to let the drys settle and burn to the pot’s bottom.

Cooking is simply bring to boil and boil/simmer until the crunchy stuff- beans, rice, barley…are soft to your taste.

What are your lamb soup tips?